How does YourStory Make Money and YourStory Business Model

How does YourStory Make Money and YourStory Business Model – Unicornomy

YourStory Business Model
YourStory Business Model

About YourStory, Founders, Funders and Facts

Anybody who has ever slightly tracked what’s going on in the StartUp Ecosystem of India, will definitely have heard about YourStory (YS).

It is India’s number 1 platform for startup related news that many people read daily.  Their website says that they reach about 20 million page views every month (dream for many media companies).

YourStory Founders : Shradha Sharma (yes, that’s it) – She owns most of the company.

YourStory Funding : After 7-8 Years of hard work and revenue generation, it was YS was funded by Kalaari Capital and Ratan Tata for about $5 million.

How does YourStory Make Money

How does YourStory Make Money is primarily by advertising, YourStory Business Model is using eyeballs of viewers as ad inventory for money.

Primary is Advertising with presence of other revenue sources as well.

This is a look of how Ad-Space is sold by their Team, Their team works with lot of brands for their PR and advertising campaigns. Virtually every startup who wants VC and public eyeballs wants to work with YS.

YourStory Ad Revenue
YourStory Ad Revenue

This company is paying google for their adword campaign (PPM) and YS gets a cut on the basis of a number of impressions.

Please note that YS is a premium publisher of Google Adsense i.e. they generated huge page views because of which they get a higher cut of the revenue from Google.  Adsense and other prominent ad networks only allow LEGIT sites to display ads on their pages using these networks.  Other illegal websites like PirateBay use Dark Ad Networks, Adult Ad Networks, Gambling and etc.

Other Premium Publishers include TrueCaller and OLX.

How YourStory makes Money
How YourStory makes Money

How does YourStory Make Money via Google Custom Search

YS uses Google Custom Search for their in-website search.  Since the volume of the page views is high, the search in-site must also be quite high and this can be monetized with Google Custom Search (CSE).

Google displays ads there as it would on its SERP (search engine results page).

Below images shows how it looks:

Revenue Model of YourStory
Revenue Model of YourStory

How does YourStory Make Money via Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is something every blog owner in this world might be using to monetize their content apart from Google / Other Network Adsense Alternatives.

Here is the screenshot of the same:

How does YourStory make Money
How does YourStory make Money

When you click on the names of the books, they open up an Amazon Web Page – although I could not find the tracking code in the link.

YourStory Business Model

YourStory Business Model is primarily structured around monetizing the huge page view and user flow on their content at the same time using the real estate on their web-page as something to be rented out to potential advertisers.

YourStory Business Model via Ad-Real Estate

They provide space to Event hosts on their website to display it via a Banner, I am assuming that they charge for this as well!  Well they should!

The highlighted URL gives a list of all these events.

How YourStory earns Money
How YourStory earns Money

They also rent out Ad-Space to potential advertisers on the home page via Google Adsense.

YourStory Business Model
YourStory Business Model

They conduct events for which they charge registration fees, which might net out positive and contribute to their revenue.

They also Monetize via Google Adsense though I could not find large number of PPC / PPM ads on their website – it generally spoils the reading experience (I could not see many even after disabling Ad-Blocker 🙂 ).

Overall, their Revenue Numbers for Last FY was around 4.6 Crs (Phew!)  with a net loss of 19 Lacs.

YourStory Revenue Lines

YourStory has following Revenue Lines:

  1. Promoted Posts (Where in StartUps and Brands can advertise themselves in the form of a post about themselves)
  2. Ad-Sense (They seem to now have abandoning it – could not find more adsense related ads except the ones highlighted above)
  3. Google Custom Search (CSE) – Google shares ad revenue for all clicks and impressions of the ads served through the search bar
  4. OutBound Linking to Events – Who so ever does events contacts YS for putting up banners on their website
  5. Conducting Events – They conduct various events for which they may charge registration fee / facilitation fee (if by other vendor)
  6. Ad-Space Selling – Brands can put up banners in the side bar and in-betweeners in posts for getting hits on their website.
  7. Affiliate Marketing – They promote products from E-Commerce Websites which pay them on conversion of sale by inbound buyers.

Now this is what I call an Awesome Business Model Example.  Make Money (appx Million Dollar this Year I guess) while writing about those who Barely Make Money… #RespectShradhaSharma

Image Sources : Names, Logos are owned by YourStory or other brands, I do not hold any ownership or otherwise rights on those images.

Disclaimer : How does YourStory Make Money and YourStory Business Model is completely based on Authors understanding of the space and does not reflect anything that has been confirmed by!  Please use your discretion while using this information.


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