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Business Model FineTuning

If you Need a more detailed analysis of a competitor or someone else’s business model analysis, you can write at admin[at] to know more about their business model  or how a particular business makes money, we will be happy to get that for you even if that business is not listed on the site [yet].

Business Model Analysis

Business Model

Information that should accompany with this should be:

  • Your Name
  • Your Number
  • Your Email
  • Name of Business to be Investigated
  • Website of Business to be Investigated

Drop in these information pieces so that we can read more about them and put it down on the blog, if we feel like it or feel like it has the juice that many people would want to drink.  We will reply back to you in the next 72 hours, but if your request has enough juice, We will definitely go after the business model and get you your share of info to gorge on 🙂

How it will be analyzed, we will first understand it via its Business Model Canvas, and once that is ready we will put it down on the blog, if need be.

Also, in case you have any complaints wrt the content that you see on the website or the emails that you receive from our weekly newsletter, please either write to admin[at] or unsubscribe.  You will never hear from us again, Promise! 🙂

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