About Unicornomy

I have no clue as to why you’re reading about Unicornomy when you have various other things (better business models) to read, anyways if you have to here it is – The writer of this blog is an Entrepreneur who understands Business like very few do, he goes to last granular level to which the business can be broken down to and starts analyzing things from there, starting point being how do they make money and how much of that money is actually usable (read EBITDA money), then follows the massive reverse engineering of the business model which he does by way of primary or secondary research and by mystery shopping with the kill (the business that is being analyzed).  Using all of this he pens down all the possible scenarios that a business is going through to make money and from what seems at the face of it.

Thus the views and things expressed are completely based on what the author understands about the business and has seen or experienced personally and not relying on 3rd party information.  In case the business in question is yours and you feel that the things mentioned are incorrect and or need a fact to be substantiated, do get  in touch with him directly with the relevant facts pointed out and corrected if need be, having said that the ultimate decision to do so would be at the discretion of the author.